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Marathi beach. The gem of Messinia.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos

Heading towards Kyparissia I make a stop in the Elea forest. Chris and Tamara were waiting for me there. A young Swiss couple I had met at Lake Doxa a few days before.

Always welcoming and smiling, they invited me for dinner after we had first bathed on the beach of the Elea forest. I did not stay with them, I continued on my way to Finikounda.

First I went through Methoni. I had to visit her more than ten years ago and I think she has become more beautiful than the last time I saw her. I stopped by to get the standard magnet that will adorn the refrigerator at home.

I continue towards Finikounda at a slow pace because the scenery is worth gazing at. Passing Finikounda I would go to Marathi beach. A good friend, Sir (Thanasis), had told me about her.

Everything was going well until the asphalt ran out and I faced the roughest and most dangerous road I have ever encountered on a motorcycle. My only thought was "where the hell am I going again"?. It's probably the first time I was afraid of falling as the rebel is not for off-road routes...

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos

Finally, after a careful and slow descent to the beach I managed to arrive safely.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos

What I saw was an olive grove and before going to the beach a green clump of tamarind trees where I found a very nice kavaza to set up the tent.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos

So when I arrive I am greeted by Manuel. A German about my age who treated me to beer and a couple of bottles of bottled water, I can say that this was very lucky as I did not have enough water with me to get through the next day and I would have to make this difficult journey again to bring water. We talked for a while since he and his family, who were camped there, would soon be leaving for another destination. They come from Germany to this spot every summer.

It is remarkable that the dirt road this year was, according to their words, the best than any other time....imagine, I said to myself.

Manuel showed me some of his beach spots and tried out my backpack because he was impressed with how much stuff I was carrying in it.

honda rebel cmx 500 grintelas

Setting up a tent and quickly for a dip in the sea. Towel in the sand, pen, diary...these lines you read.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos free camping

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos free camping

I fell asleep, probably from fatigue. Here on the beach I count four tents. Before the sun went down for good I did the food preparation.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos free camping

Gas in a puddle in the sand, water boiling in the caravan and a can of vegetables inside.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos free camping

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos free camping

Sitting on the towel on the beach reading the "everything from Epicurus". Somehow I will retire to my tent to sleep.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos free camping
Το ηλιοβασίλεμα στο Μαράθι.

The next morning I was awakened, at 09:00, by a strange sound. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I opened the tent door facing the wonderful beach and the sea completely undisturbed. A very beautiful picture that made me say "what a beautiful place"!

The colors during the day change and give a different perspective under each angle of light. Otherwise you see them in the afternoon, otherwise at noon. Otherwise in the morning and otherwise at dusk. Reminiscent of a mutant Marathi painting.

So the sound came from the anchors of a large yacht, it had come as close as it could to the small creek to enjoy its waters.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos free camping

I can't say that I made many acquaintances there. The day passed calmly and I simply took walks on the beach. One right, one left with my eyes fixed on the book I was holding. While ecstatically reading the "everything about Epicurus", which I finished there, the sun burned me. I could write for hours on what he has taught me. From the value of friendship and austerity to pleasures, death and the restlessness of the soul. However, I do not think that these belong to this article.

marathi beach in mesinia peloponnisos free camping
Η παραλία Μαράθι από ψηλά.

Marathi is worth a visit. Just be very careful of the steep dirt road it has there. I give you the location on the map here. Good relaxation and good enjoyment.

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