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The long spoon.

Is it bad to be selfish?

Putting ourselves first is not bad and in fact sometimes it is necessary, not only for us but also for others.

In an airplane when there is a distress signal the oxygen masks fall and then we first pass the mask to ourselves and then to the person next to us. Even if there is a small child in the next seat. If we are not well, we cannot help the one next to us either.

What happens when our "ego" overdoes it?

In a large round dining room the guests are waiting for the meal anyway. The sumptuous meal arrives and is placed in the center of this large dining room. The attendees can eat as much as they want and the spoon they will be holding will be two meters long, otherwise they won't have enough to be served. Except the spoon is tied to their palm.

As soon as they start eating, they realize that it is impossible to bring the spoon to their mouth because of its long length.

After a while they realize that the only way to feed themselves is to feed each other.

This allegory teaches us that when we struggle to feed our "ego" then we all go hungry. But when we focus on the common good then we can all be fed.

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