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The greek traveler with the alternative lifestyle we envy!

George Grintelas from Patras is a guy who loves three things:

His motorcycle, travels and nature. He lives outside the... egg, i.e. the urban context and the modern lifestyle imposed by the Western standard, following an alternative lifestyle that surely many of us would envy.

His home is nature, forests, mountains and beaches, changing places on an almost daily basis, depending on his travels and his destination, going without a schedule where his heart says.

He sleeps under the light of the stars and the sky not only in the summer months, but also in the winter months, regardless of the weather conditions and in every place he goes he cares for and knows its people, culture and civilization.

He cooks in nature, washes himself mostly in rivers and lakes with green soap, and stays for a while in each place, unless he needs to work to earn some money and continue his travels.

And the truth is that he has traveled everywhere, not only in Greece but also abroad, making his own diary through his travels, having taken inspiration from the book of the legendary Che Guevara that in his youth he had shot with the camera him and a friend of his, almost all of Latin America.

He himself, as he says, travels alone because through his travels, he discovers himself and gets to know him better. However, he rents a small apartment in Patras for the intervals he needs for his rest.

Alpha's camera, specifically Nikos Manesis's show, caught up with him in Elia, Messinia, and he talked about his life, culture and the alternative lifestyle he loves.

Read the article from patras events here.

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