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Giorgos Grintelas: The "nomad with the motorcycle" who goes around Greece!

Read my first interview I gave to Alcistis Zalokosta on her website.

Giorgos Grintelas is a controversial personality for some, because he has simply decided to do what he likes, that is to travel like a nomad around Greece, discovering its beauties, and living like a nomad, living in the tent, and cooking there alongside, carrying his basic equipment on a motorcycle.

The strange traveler tells us, among other things, about the waterfalls inhabited by fairies, but also his philosophy of life, and how contact with nature works as psychotherapy.


His story is particularly interesting, and alternative like himself, and this probably got him into adventures.. since he was almost arrested, causing it to go viral.

- George, we can describe you as a strange traveler. With your car you go around Greece and discover hidden treasures. Tell us about it.

I didn't understand the term strange traveler, I thought I was "normal" but within a short time the people I meet started to point this out to me and if most people say it then I will look like this.

I love being in touch with nature in every aspect whether it involves staying in a tent or lodges as well as cooking outdoors. I explore almost everything, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, caves, mountains, forests, canyons, etc.

I go around Greece on my motorcycle yes.

I feel lucky to have been born here and have set out to explore this place as much as I can and experience it through my own eyes and senses consciously staying away from tour guides and the cosmopolitan parts of the tourist industry.

Drinking is not part of my life. I discover places that are beautiful and captivate you and I dare say some of these places have completely changed my way of thinking and by extension my way of life, I feel blessed for that. For me this is a precious treasure. Traveling opens your mind, helps you expand your way of thinking.

Also the contact with people I meet is something that fascinates me. Exchanging opinions and sharing experiences changes the way you see the world. There are people worth listening to, they have something to tell you.

-How did you make the decision to do something like this?

Hmm, how did I make the decision to do such a thing?!. I'll be as brief and concise as I can, it's not an easy answer.

It will sound strange but at my age I have done EVERYTHING I wanted in my life and not what others wanted me to want.

"I consider it foolish to live on this planet and have only seen a small part of it"

The last thing left for me to do is to get to know the world, places, cultures. I consider it foolish to live on this planet and have only seen a small part of it. There were two trips here in Greece that played a decisive role in what I am doing now. Kythera, for which I am preparing a documentary of my own production, and Samothraki.

These two places drew me in and introduced me to a world of searching and reviewing as far as I had known.

Anyway, life is short and the sooner one realizes it the better, the problem is that we have the illusion that we have time.

Why did they go to arrest him?

- Describe to me a real adventure you encountered.

I wouldn't say I've experienced a true adventure. Maybe some sudden showers. But I've had intense moments, like comical ones when I was recently stopped by the police 3 times in less than 1 hour for drug testing because of my dreadlocked hair! At the first check we were even live on Instagram.

Here I should stress that I don't even drink alcohol, I don't smoke, and I follow a completely healthy lifestyle.

I have experienced romantic, moments as well as moments that made me reconsider human life again and again when I saw a friend of mine run off the cliff from mishandling his car.

-On your very beautiful website you mention a waterfall inhabited by fairies. Because I and many "believe in fairies" he told me about the magical place, unfolded all the magic for us.

This is the Kalamari waterfall. I learned about this place quite by accident from a German couple I met while wandering around Kyparissia.

Curiosity ate me up and I went. I couldn't easily describe in words what I was seeing and feeling and that's why I decided to make a little video.

Very often you will see me express myself through the videos that I myself create. This place is so enchanting. Colors, sounds of running water, vegetation. Just let your senses take you when you get there, watch the video too and maybe you'll feel me.

-George, what would you suggest to the world, as a new philosophy of travel and experience, and a bit unconventional?

I would tell people first of all to do what they really need and what they really want. The fact that I travel this way does not mean that others must follow.

To some I give, let's say, an inspiration and to others I don't. However, what I would suggest is to embrace the way he travels by focusing on contact with nature, it works as psychotherapy. Many are hesitant to get in touch with nature, do it. The benefits arise when we step out of our comfort zone.

-What is the next challenge with yourself?

The next To travel to Asia, Africa and South America. I don't know if the word challenge is appropriate as the destination is not a challenge for me. The route is a challenge because you never know how it will shape you as a character.

It is a challenge for me already to have left all feeling of safety and security and to let go into the unknown, which is both scary but gives a wonderful romance. This takes real guts and may be the ultimate challenge.

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